Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To RV or not RV? and more aspieness

I'm seriously considering buying an RV early next year, with my X-mas bonus money, assuming the amount is comparable to what I've received in the past I should be able to purchase an old one no problem.  It doesn't need to be very fancy or very big.  It just has to have a reliable motor and it has to be water tight in the rain.  Beyond that I don't much care.  I plan on gutting it and turning it into an open plan tiny house on wheels anyway.  Minimizing the thing if you know what I mean.  RV's tend to be packed with way too much storage for me, I don't want to have that much "stuff" anyway.  I only want to have the following things in my RV:

1.  My clothes, I don't have too many of those anyway
2.  Two short shelves of books that I have picked out for keeping
3.  My computer
4.  iPhone
5.  iHome speakers (Bose when I can afford it)
6.  A set of dishes, silverware and cups and glasses, set of 4
7.  Frying pan, sauce pan and a couple of utensils
8.  My Kindle
9.  Set of 4 towels and wash cloths
10.  Small BBQ
11.  My bed with blankets
12.  Camping gear stashed on top or in a rear mounted box - tent, sleeping bag, table etc.

I intend to set it up to be off grid, have a propane stove, composting toilet, candles and oil lamps for light, solar panels to charge my electronics up, maybe a few LED lights too for when I'm too lazy to light flames :-P  I'm thinking it won't have a shower because I don't want to be bothered with sewer, no holding tank to empty and no running water to mess with.  I'd have a "gravity feed" water system like Dee Williams has in her Tiny House, in fact I'd love to build a Tiny House from scratch but an old used RV is MUCH cheaper here is Dee talking about her house:

My main reason for wanting the RV is to live in it full time, not to be traveling all over the country with it.  I'll park it in Lora's driveway and keep on helping them pay their rent but have a more independent household which ought to help me to cope a bit better.  I really don't do that well around other people and never have.  It is a huge strain not exploding all the time :-) 

Which brings me back around to more aspie talk.

There are things that set me off, noises, lights, smells.  People really don't seem to believe me when I say their perfume is hurting me, but it does hurt me.  Bright lights hurt my eyes, especially at night for some reason.  It is a struggle to listen to people, to hear them, to figure out what they are trying to tell me with their gestures and body language and eyes.  I can get the literal words people say but the nuances escape me completely.  When I'm in a group of people like after church I can only stay in the room for about ten minutes before I have to go outside and breathe deep for a few minutes before going back in.  If I have to be in that sort of situation I end up screaming inside and shutting down, I stop talking.  If you could see inside of me then you would see I was near tears, getting desperate to escape.  Sadly it usually gets held in until I'm around only family, then I let it go on them, sorry guys.  

At work one reason it's a struggle is because the lobbies are marble and they echo.  I can not make out what people are saying about half the time, especially if my good buddy Ellard on the commercial side of the lobby is telling stories with his loud booming voice, which he does all day long.  I wish the door we once had between the lobbies was there again but it's not, and that is not a good thing.  No one asked me about removing it, I'd have said don't do it.   I used to close it for a couple of hours every day to get the quiet I need.  Now I have to leave the lobby and go into a condo or out for a walk to make it through the day.  That's not as good as being able to stay on site but it's what I have to do.

So the RV is to be a refuge, a retreat where I can recuperate from being around loud, smelly incomprehensible people and just be alone, quiet and peaceful.  I'm looking forward to that a lot!

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