Sunday, July 10, 2011

Previous posts revisited

An update on two previous posts.  Firs the DMV.  I finally got the renewal notice in the mail and went into a panic when I noted that it was due on the day I received it!  Now they had said that there would be a 30 day grace period before penalties were incurred but the notice claimed otherwise and penalties would accrue on the very next day.  I attempted to register my car via the DMV website but it was extremely slow and when I finally penetrated to the payment page it quit altogether.  I was quite frustrated but there was still the telephone option so I called the DMV on my phone and eventually managed to get the voice recognition software to listen to me and got my car registration done on the same day I got the notice.  Whew, I felt really good and relieved.  Then I looked more closely at the stuff that had come with the notice and discovered that, no matter what the notice said the penalties would not actually have been imposed until the 30 day grace period was over.  It was all very confusing and frustrating but I survived it fine.

Paleo is great, but expensive.  I like meat, I also like pasta.  The whole family can eat for a week on rice and beans and pasta and veggies and such for the cost of a single paleo meal for me.  So, since we are currently (thanks to the IRS and the vile Bankster scum who rule Duhmerica) on a low budget, we are back to eating normal foods.  My arthritis is flaring back up but that could be a coincidence I suppose.  It's OK with some Aleve in the mornings, though I forgot to take any today and am pretty sore.  Ah well.

I plan to begin posting more here in the near future, I had gone almost totally Facebook but that's not really a good place for longer posts and I'm feeling the urge to get wordy.  Watch out!  :-)

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