Thursday, August 20, 2009

So now we have God's opinion on this...

Adapted from Google news story.

God Smites ELCA convention with warning shot, more to follow:

Winds tore off part of a 90-year-old metal church steeple (note cross ripped from steeple and left dangling upside down) in downtown Minneapolis and damaged at least 40 homes in south of the city.

Jack Freitag said he was standing in the lobby of the Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis when he saw "a wall cloud from the south coming across the parking lot." Then a "very loud roar" came through as he saw signs being blown around in the wind.

The wind tore off part of the church's 90-year-old metal steeple around 2 p.m. while about 120 people were inside, said church spokesman Joe Bjordal.

"I was worried about the people then," said Freitag, who told everyone to seek shelter in the church's basement. No one was injured.

Outside the church, strong winds ripped apart large outdoor tents and scattered chairs and folding tables across the parking lot that were set up for the national Evangelical Lutheran Church in America convention. The church was scheduled to serve breakfast to guests attending the event at the Minneapolis Convention Center next door.

"I think we're out of business" for entertaining convention visitors, Bjordal said.

Reports state that God said in response, "Indeed, you are out of business as a part of the one Holy catholic Church as well!"

Experts predict that additional smiting will follow soon.


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