Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Out From Under the Dollar

Local businesses in Pittsboro, NC have issued their own paper currency:

A few dozen local businesses banded together this spring to distribute the Plenty – a local currency intended to replace the dollar. Now 15,000 Plenties are in circulation here, used everywhere from the organic food co-op to the feed store to, starting this month, the Piggly Wiggly supermarket.

Last popularized during the Great Depression, scrip, or locally created stand-ins for U.S. currency, is making a comeback. Pittsboro, population 2,500, is one of a handful of communities that launched its own money in recent months. It reports an avalanche of calls from other communities that have lost faith in the global financial system.

"The Plenty is not going to get siphoned off to Wall Street, or Washington, or make a stop in Bentonville on its way to China," said B.J. Lawson, a software entrepreneur who is president of the board of the Plenty cooperative. "It gives us self-reliance."

Evidently, the U.S. Government doesn't yet recognize this emergence of competing currencies within U.S. borders as a threat to its power. It was equally inattentive to the rise of home schooling and Internet communications, until these devolutionary trends became too powerful to reverse. Americans are slowly waking up to the truth that the System's state currency - like its state schooling and its state-licensed, corporate media information outlets - is rigged to keep non-elite people ignorant, poor, and weak.

Aside from his none-too-subtle dig at Walmart, B.J. Lawson is wise enough to see how the fiat dollar robs productive people by "siphoning" their earnings to politicians and their cronies in the financial industry. Now he and his neighbors are doing something to solve the problem, setting a great example for millions of other Americans who are sick and tired of the Federal Reserve's modern version of serfdom.

Freedom is not yet winning. But it is on the march.

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