Saturday, August 15, 2009

The American Gestapo Strikes Again

It is odd that the only people who meekly tolerate the humiliating groping and searching and insulting assumption that everyone trying to board an airplane is a terrorist, are Americans. People from the third world are offended at the treatment that is meted out to virtually everyone at American airports and even just getting on an American airline in another country. It is very sad when the people of a nation that once prided itself on its freedom are willing to bow their heads in humble submission to their masters and shuffle off to be strip searched on the whim of a low IQ punk in a cheap uniform. Pathetic. No airlines for me until the "War on Terror (by people we don't like)" is declared over and done with and we return to sanity and freedom.

Row over US Bollywood 'detention'

Shah Rukh Khan, 11 Aug 2009
Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has appeared in more than 70 films

India has asked the US to explain why a leading Bollywood film star was allegedly detained for two hours at Newark airport, which serves New York.

Shah Rukh Khan, who was released after India's embassy in the US intervened, said he felt angry and humiliated.

The actor, who is promoting a film on racial profiling, said he was stopped because he had a Muslim name.

Full Story is here.

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