Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Episcopal Church USA

For many years, prior to returning to the Lutheran Church, I attended various Episcopal churches around the Bay Area. I especially loved the liturgy as they celebrate it, and the Book of Common Prayer is a masterpiece. Sadly they really are like this video below describes... I used to frequent Grace Cathedral in San Francisco where I experienced both glorious Easter Vigil Liturgies that could make you weep, and visits by the Dalai Lama; both wonderful Evening Prayer services and "Aztec Dancers." When I tried to find out just what they believed about Christ and the Eucharist and Sin and other questions, I got vague hand waving answers that said nothing... so, now I'm a Lutheran, a Confessional and Liturgical Lutheran. To prove you can never make me happy now I think I have too many firm answers, I want more "freedom" to make up my own way ;-) Here it is, I am Episcopalian. Enjoy! Make sure you watch it all the way through, the punch line is pretty far in ;-)

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