Saturday, September 20, 2008

My week so far

I thought I'd give a little rundown of my week so far. Sunday - Wednesday = Work. That's about it for those days, once you've gone to work for 12 hours the day is over.

On Thursday Mike, Lora, Serenity and I had lunch at Chevy's to celebrate Lora's 27th birthday, that was fun. Then in the evening Serenity and I were off to San Francisco for the Symphony. Dinner was at California Pizza Kitchen. The program was Leonard Bernstein in celebration of what would have been his 90th year. The music was awesome, a combination of symphonic pieces and bits of West Side Story and other musicals, including some terrific singers, even MTT and the audience sang!

On Friday Lora, Mike and his girlfriend Maryann and I went out to dinner at Strizzi's in Livermore followed by wine tasting at First Street Wine.

Today I cooked and froze a big batch of spaghetti for lunches, baked a loaf of bread with the bread maker Maxine gave me, did 2 loads of laundry and went with Lora to a new wine release party at Mitchel Katz winery. Whew.

Next week Serenity and I will be camping Wednesday and Thursday at Pinnacles National Monument, then on Friday we'll be at the Ren Faire Institute.

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