Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cured of Palinmania

The closer the "election" (yeah, like they really count votes, don't make me laugh) gets the less I feel like I'll be able to cast a vote. Palin sounded OK in that first speech but as time has gone on I've heard more of her views and liked her less each time. As a full tilt pre-millennialist she has an unfortunate attitude toward Israel, like most pentecostal fundamentalists she sees the current nation state of Israel as somehow fulfilling biblical prophecy, this is just plain wrong.

The end result of this belief system is that Israel can do no wrong and the United States must fight all of Israel's enemies, with no questions allowed about whether or not those fights are actually in the best interest of the United States.

Today I read a speech she was going to give to an anti-Iran rally in New York. This bizarre pack of half truths and distortions is such a hate filled screed that it has finally cured me of any lingering effects of the brief Palinmania I suffered when I first heard her speak.

Which leaves me with no candidate for president or vice president that I'm willing to vote for, they are all traitors to America and the constitution as attested in their own words.

Guess I'm back to burning the ballot... or just skipping president... or ?

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