Sunday, June 12, 2016

The way of peace

These last few days have made remaining a-political very difficult.  Any number of stories in the news deserve comment... presidential campaigns have descended to new, previously unimaginable, lows every day.  Insane court decisions... and hate filled terrorist attacks... all of these things have been just begging for comment.

These tales all have one thing in common, they all assume governments have the solution to our problems, which is to say, they all assume that the way to solve humanities problems is through violence. 

Who becomes president is deciding who will have access to the most deadly pile of terror weapons in the history of mankind.  The courts order blue suited thugs to enforce "laws" with violence.  Then there is the terror attack on the "Gay club" in Florida, pure hate filled violence in the name of a state, ISIS is a state of course, no matter what the competing violent terrorist gangs around the world try to claim, just as legitimate as the USA or Britain or France in my opinion. 

Does all of this count as political comment?  I don't think so, I'm condemning ALL coercive governments and advocating non-cooperation with evil and non-violent voluntary cooperation to replace all of the crap above.  Revolution will only be real change when it is a change of the heart, a turning from violence to love, from coercion to cooperation.  No state can do this and destroying a state with violence leaves us with just one more state every time.  It starts with me and you making a choice to follow Christ in the way of peace.

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