Thursday, June 2, 2016


I just "deactivated" my Facebook account.  This blog and Flickr photos will be the only places online where I'll post from now on.  Obviously I've done this several times before, always going back to it eventually.  It is possible I'll do that again, but for now I don't want to be there, exposed to politics on the left and right that I find obnoxious.  :-)  As an anarchist I tend to piss off both sides of the left-right spectrum, and that's all right, I just am sick of thinking about it.

Sure, I could scroll past the various nationalistic and uber-patriotic posts I see constantly on Facebook, but what would be the point of that?  At this time in the political cycle virtually everyone seems to have an opinion on which of the various lying bastard corporate whores would be the least disastrous for the nation, but there is really no choice in truth.

I've already made my anarchist and pacifist views plain to the people I was "friends" with on Facebook and virtually all of them reject those views, which is fine really, but I don't feel much like reading the violence promoting (all government IS violence) state worshiping nonsense that will be clogging the news feeds for the next six months.  Rather than catering to all of this blatant American Statolatry I'm going to simply withdraw from the whole thing. 

But what will this blog be about then?  Well it will be about spiritual matters for the most part, or so I imagine. Interspersed here and there might be some posts about family events, camping and so forth.  Who knows where things will go from here, not into election stories that is for sure, since every word from the mouths of politicians is more likely to be a lie than the truth, and this blog will be about truth for sure. 

I'll be back soon!  But not on Facebook.  :-)

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