Monday, April 2, 2012

World Autism Awareness Day


 I have a lot to say, but I seldom manage to say it.  I guess I should say it mostly goes without saying.  In normal day to day conversations I am stymied by the lack of openings into which I can insert my commentary.  By the time an opening large enough for me to get my words into it arrives my words have become irrelevant to the current stream of conversation.  I want to shout out "Wait!  I have something to add to the stream from twenty minutes ago."  And I've actually done it, but it gets odd looks and there is the sad shaking of heads and there is the ignoring of the words spoken.

Then again, when I do get into the conversation it tends to simply end, my monolog drives others into sullen silence or sends them dashing off on suddenly discovered vital errands.  

What's my point?  I don't really have one other than this is World Autism Awareness Day so I'm trying to be more aware of my own autistic quirks today. 

Oh Happy Day.  :-)'

Larry Devich
I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.
Philippians 4:11b

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