Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BBC E-mail: Wavii rivals Facebook's news feed

I saw this story on the BBC News iPad App and thought you should see it. But the reason I'm posting about it is that Wavii is really pretty useless. :-) There is a huge campaign to hype this thing and it's only a feed for corporate crap. Real interesting stuff about science for example is impossible to get. Just nerdy tech crap, lame political and celebrity fluff, which they claim to be getting rid of, fluff that is. I tried to set up a feed for seismology and paleoanthropology and even just earthquakes or a generic "science" feed and all I got was links to movies! WTF? But if celebrity gossip and politics and Wall Street is your thing then go for it, I'm sure it's wonderful :-p~

** Wavii rivals Facebook's news feed **
A Seattle-based start-up aims to create personalised news streams by scouring the internet for information.
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