Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Governments are nothing if not predictable.

A couple of days before this happened, I predicted in casual conversations at work that the governments of the world, in panicked desperation before the onslaught of involuntary truth and openness being forced on them from Wikileaks, would trump up some vile morals charge; rape, molestation, murder, animal abuse, or whatever, in order to attempt to discredit the founder, Julian Assange.

In a pathetically laughable and totally predictable and farcical move Interpol has done just that!  The governments of the world are in full panic mode as the common people suddenly have access the truth about just a few of their nefarious activities. 

I feel sorry for Julian Assange as he will now be severely persecuted,  but it was obvious that this was going to happen.  It is how they always respond to any real threats of exposure of the truth about governments, and Wikileaks is a real threat.  They first try to ignore them and claim they are not true, then they try to discredit them by smearing the ones telling the truth, then they are killed while "resisting arrest" or they are bought off. 

I spent yesterday afternoon bragging about how I'd called it to those at work I had made the prediction to.  Yep, I called this one well in advance.  Like I said, "Governments are nothing if not predictable."

Final note, it looks like they are trying to shut down wikileaks with denial of service attacks yet again, let us hope that freedom and openness prevail over the lies, murder and thefts of governments.

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