Monday, December 6, 2010


Recently someone I know posted to their Facebook page that they were bored (Hi JH!). How is this possible? Adults should not be bored, well unless they are at work doing something don't like much, but even then if it's really that boring to you a job change is in order. But to be at home and bored, that is inexcusable. Children are often bored in school where they are held against their will and force fed information they don't need and don't care about, that is understandable. But bored grown ups? What's with that? If you are bored your opportunities are endless! You can go to the library. You can visit a nursing home, you can volunteer for a soup kitchen, you can take a walk or start a new hobby. Being bored means you have FREE TIME to do things in! Being bored shows lack of imagination and ambition. Boredom is a CHOICE, not an inevitable consequence of some outside force. Write a poem. Write your congress-critter and tell them what you think the government should do. Paint a picture, climb a rock, walk the dog, call a friend. Adults should not be bored!

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