Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minimalist thoughts put into some action

I have put my bedroom into a new configuration.  The bookcase is gone, along with the hundred or so books that were on it.  The books are going to the Livermore Public Library Book Store as donations. 

I've added a reading chair, the funky one from the front room that was crowding the fireplace. 

I also got rid of the big monitor for the computer and a small fan and heater that I really didn't need since we do have good central air and heat here.

I've cut back my "must have" books to 12, and they are on my desk:

Strong’s Concordance

Lutheran Book of Prayer

Breaking Ritual Silence (written and edited by a friend of mine)

Luther’s Small Catechism (1943 ed)

Treasury of Daily Prayer

Lutheran Service Book

The Lord Will Answer, A daily prayer catechism

The Lutheran Study Bible

Stark’s Prayer Book

Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions

Roget’s International Thesaurus

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

There are still two large bookcases in the library/dining room with a couple of hundred books we don't want to get rid of quite yet, we being Lora and Serenity.  I have a few books there that I didn't want to get rid of as well, collections of Mark Twain stories, complete Hemingway collection, some books of poetry as well.  But they are not "must have" books to me.

I’m very pleased with the way it has turned out.  I have a desk for writing, either with pen and paper or with the computer, I also have a place to read comfortably, which was something that had been missing.  The room feels more open and less cluttered, well that makes sense, since it is.  

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