Monday, August 9, 2010

Mail FUBAR (and other stuff)

Uh Oh.  I just noticed that email is bouncing from larry@devich(dot)org due to a "Full Mailbox" which is totally insane unless someone has dropped a mail bomb on me of a zillion emails because I delete everything from the server as I check my mail.  Probably it's just a malfunction on the server.  I can't get at it until I get home to my computer because I've forgotten my password and can't log into the server from here right now <duh>  So if you REALLY need to send me a message use ldevich@gmail(dot)com for the time being.  <sigh>

You know, this feeds right into something I've been considering lately, which is getting rid of my Blackberry and going back to only having a phone at the house.   I've been thinking about how all of the alleged communication these devices provide actually interrupts me so many times during the day that I can hardly think or get anything done.  Maybe less is more.  I know that I could do without the DSL at the house as well, after all there is a Starbucks on every other corner, including two fairly near our house and numerous ones close to here at work, and they now have FREE WiFi so we could go there and get email.  Just think of all the money I'd save!   I think Lora and Serenity would explode into tiny bits of flustered dismay if I suggested it though.  They (Yoda especially) are seriously addicted the streaming Netflix stuff.

I've been looking at simplifying my life since I started reading the tiny house stuff on the web a while back.  As a small start I got rid of about 50% of MY books and 1/3 of my clothes this last weekend.  I think I may have made Lora nervous though because she went and picked up Mikes old bed and set it up in my room while I was at work yesterday.  This even though, or perhaps because, I had just told her recently that I really LIKED the idea of my air bed because it was mobile and I could roll it up and take it with me in my Tiny House on the road, plus it is just plain really comfy.  So, she's trying to anchor me down.  I think.  :-)

Of course it won't work. 

Besides, I've still got way more "stuff" than I need or want and no way would I fit (YET) into this tiny house.


One day soon I'll float away free of all this ;-)

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