Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Road Trip

I'm near the border of Mexico in Arizona, currently in the Gadsen Hotel, a Historic and allegedly haunted hotel in Douglas. 

Our trip to get here has not gone as planned.  :-)  We had intended to either visit the Grand Canyon or some Indian ruins up near Flagstaff on our second day, but instead we found our selves in the midst of a snow storm, hiking in the snow did not sound very fun so we skipped on to our next spot which was St. Johns where I wanted to look at some property at Sierra Highlands Ranch

On our way to St. Johns I saw this great rainbow, very pretty.

As it turned out the road leading to Sierra Highlands Ranch it is a bit questionable just after rains... especially if you are driving a low to the ground Toyota Corolla. We went about 15 miles on a fairly good mostly graveled road until we got up to the top of the mesa where the 36+ acre plots I wanted to look at were, it was actually quite lovely, lots of trees and great views.  The road had quite a few muddy spots that I avoided by watching where the previous vehicle tracks had gone and staying on the high parts.   I was doing fine up until a big Pit Bull came trotting down the road toward us and got in my way.  I stopped the car and waited for him to move and when he had gone to the side of the car I started forward without really looking and drove right into a mud hole.  Ack!  I rocked back and forth, getting more and more stuck.  I got out of the car, and talked to the friendly Pit Bull who was curious as to why I had driven straight into the mud hole.  I put a branch behind one tire and managed to get a little traction, then with several attempts backing up and then going forward I finally escaped the mire!  Whew.  That mud was both slick and sticky at the same time.  Mud on the hood and roof...

Mud on my shoes...

Mud everywhere!

I was really scared that I would have to hike on out to the nearest house and ask for help, there was no cell signal that far out in the hills.  After that I scratched the place off of my list of possible properties to buy, but now, the next day when I'm calmer, I'm putting them back on the list because they are actually quite nice.  With the proper sort of vehicle they would be more accessible.  The only thing that sort of gets me is the fact that it's a good 30 miles to the nearest "town" and that is St. Johns which doesn't amount to much really. 

Today we are going to look at some very cheap land in the vicinity of Douglas Arizona, not quite as pretty around here so far but I'll try and stay off of the side roads and not get stuck.  More in a day or two after our explorations for today.

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