Monday, June 29, 2015

Social Media

Over the last week I've been on and off of Facebook several times.  Looking at all of the fallout from the recent SCOTUS decisions I've found myself alternately disgusted, angry and depressed.  People on my "friends" list seem more than OK with Gay Marriage and socialized medicine.  Rather than unfriend people who have such appalling opinions I'm unfriending Facebook itself.  Shoot, even the San Francisco Giants jumped on the rainbow bandwagon!  Every priest and pastor I've spoken to is anticipating a time of persecution of orthodox churches, those that actually teach what the bible and tradition teaches.  Yet on Facebook I'm told I'm an alarmist and blowing it all out of proportion.  Well I've been pretty good at predicting where society is going in the past and I am pretty sure I'm right again.

Since I was initially suckered into Facebook some time ago... how long ago was that?  I don't know actually.  Anyway, since I was suckered into using Facebook I've used that as a place to express myself.  Thing is, it's a really crappy place to say more than one or two words and a picture.  Once upon a time I'd spend time thinking about things and then writing a paragraph or more about it.  Since Facebook it's mostly been a matter of seeing a two or three line political opinion with a humorous or maybe disturbing photo attached to it and then re-posting it and adding some snarky one-liners in the comments sections.  This sort of thing is not conducive to actual conversation.

I don't anticipate getting much conversation out of my blog here either, which is fine actually, I mostly just want a place to vent and to think and this is as good a place as any.   I don't think there is anyone who still looks at the Angry Gnome these days, it has been pretty much dead for a long time.  I do anticipate posting my religious and political thoughts here from now on.  Of course that used to get me into all sorts of trouble in the past and there is little doubt it will do so in the future as well.

If anyone is looking for me, this blog is the place to go.  I'll be posting my photography here, stories of the grand-kids, my spiritual journey, things I see in science news that I find interesting and whatever else tickles my fancy.  And, of course, my unbelievably insightful political and social commentary :-)

Enough cranky griping, here is a picture of Max with Sophia from yesterday afternoon.  Now I can smile again :-)

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