Friday, March 27, 2015

In my previous post I went on about how I “know” that Jesus wants me to be Catholic.  Today I share a cartoon from “Coffee with Jesus” that returns me back to the reality that it’s not nearly so clear and easy to figure out as I might wish. 

It is humbling to realize that God is so much larger than my feeble imagination :-)  So, in spite of my previous rather bold assertions, I'm really not so certain that God wants much beyond my trust.  As Lutherans are so fond of saying Faith Alone (trust alone).  

To prove just how shallow my "spiritual senses" are I realized the other day, after my post, while I was in church at Messiah for the final Lenten midweek service, without any children along, that much of the difference in the "feeling the presence of God" that I was experiencing might well be attributable to distractions being there or not.  Said "distraction" most often being a wonderful and very small boy by the name of Max.  :-)  Since, when I go to a Catholic Mass I go alone, I am never distracted by a small boy crawling beneath the pew or over my head, instead I can focus on what is going on.  At Messiah I'm usually there with family so it's not quite so peaceful.  But God is still there, the forgiveness of sins is still there in the absolution and given in the body and blood of Jesus under the bread and wine.  My own personal "feelings of the presence of God" don't really amount to much now that I think about it.  I suppose I'll keep on going to Messiah after all, along with Max and Tiernan and Lora and mom, and Serenity when she agrees to come.  And God will be there if I can kneel quietly and "feel" Him or not.  

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