Friday, May 2, 2014

Starting up again

It has been a long time since I posted regularly to this blog.  I have decided that I do need a  place to post my thoughts in a longer form than really works on Facebook.  So now the Angry Gnome is about to be resurrected.  For me Facebook is mostly trivia and kitten pictures and "I hate politician X" cartoons.  So those are the things that I'm not going to be posting here.  Instead I'll be focusing on such things as autism (aspergers), faith and science, and the way all these things interact and impact my life.   

Yeah, right Larry sure you are going to go ahead and post on a regular basis about such things.  Well I might!  I'm sure there is a version of me in some one of the infinite universes that make up the multi-verse, who actually consistently follows through with his plans, but that certainly is not me.  On the other hand I'm much improved over the way I was a few years ago, so there may be some hope for this blog after all. 

Now this post really only has one purpose, and that is to test automatically linking posts here on Facebook so my friends there can see what I'm writing about.  So, welcome to the Angry Gnome, I hope you find interesting things here, I'll try and stay focused.  :-)

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