Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving Time

Plans and preparations continue apace for our giant moving day on the morrow.  Most everything is in order already, things have been boxed and packed and even a little bit of "minimizing" has taken place, though not to the extent I think it should!  I hate moving, so does Yoda, and Mom and Lora.  Hey, only Max has not said "I hate moving," and that's probably because he only says "good-bye" and a couple of other words anyway ;-)  Earlier today mom and I went over to Tracy where she got her satellite TV hooked up and I managed to get the WiFi going.  Mom and I struggled with and finally managed to put up the pool fence so we are confident that Max can safely be in the back yard with supervision, that is a good thing.  It is going to be great once we have moved, but for now it really sucks.  Our new house is closer to the Bay Area, is larger and more logically laid out and has a pool and RV parking.  So, it's a good thing over all.  Wish us luck.

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