Friday, June 21, 2013

Wish us luck in our newest adventure

Well now, we've been living in Ceres for a while, got the house all settled in, JD's been doing up the yard nicer and nicer, we know all of the neighbors finally, so, of course, we are going to move again. Mom and Lora both seem to really like Turlock.  They have their reasons, such as being close to church, nicer parks, etc.  Me?  My bedroom is on wheels dude.  It matters little where the family plants its several arses because I'll still be in the same "place" anyway.  I'm in my bedroom right now, before work, and I'm not in Ceres anyway.  :-)

I'm going to prepare for this next move by completing my "minimizing" project.  It is my intent to dispose of everything that won't reasonably fit within my RV.  I have told the family they don't need to find a place with a separate room for me this time, 4 bedrooms will be plenty, as long as there is a place to park the RV close by.  I've also told them it's up to them to find a place and get organized to move, I don't have much interest in the project this time, though a nice park nearby would be cool for the kids,especially Max.  

As to churches and being close to them?  Well, I was Catholic on and off and back on and now off again, and Lutheran in the opposite pattern, with convinced atheist tucked in between a couple of times, and this is just in the last 2 years!  Maybe I'll just give the whole thing a rest for a while. ;-/  I work Sundays and can never really get into fellowship with any congregation it seems, not beyond the very surface level.  I'm not the type to pal around with people anyway so I don't miss it all that much.  I'm thinking I'll go to the Lutheran church with my family in Turlock when I'm off on a Sunday, and see where things go from there.  Actually, right now, in my heart I'm feeling rather agnostic about religions and god anyway, I can't quite sort it out in my head.  I suppose God can deal with my confusion though, assuming he exists of course. :-)

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