Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That Tiny House and Minimalism thing

It occurred to me yesterday that since I'm living 1/2 time in the RV I could actually conduct an experiment in Minimalism and Tiny House style living.  It is my intention to move into the RV as my bedroom even while I'm at home.  For the last several weeks I've been parking outside, taking my bedroll and a few other items up to my room and staying there while in Ceres.  But it's felt odd, almost like I'm just visiting.  Then when I'm ready to leave for the Bay Area again I wind up having to drag everything back out to the RV and rack my brain trying to make sure I don't forget anything that I'll need in the next three or four days of being in the RV.  So, it seems to make sense to me just to go all out and make the big transition to minimalism right now.  I will sort through all of my stuff and put what I think I'll need in the RV, which is not much more than I have in it already, I think.  

Here are some things that are in my room that just won't work at all in the RV, a big desktop computer, a large reclining chair, two desks and a desk chair.   The computer will become a "family" computer, available for the kids to use whenever they need or want to use it.  The room itself with its desks and chairs can be a "study and crafts room" I think.  Other than these things most of what is exclusively "mine" at the house will easily go into the RV or into the garage or just stay in the closet of the "craft room."  :-)  

Please note all you people who are about to say how crazy I am, I did say that I was conducting an experiment here.  It may well turn out that I do not like this sort of thing after all, I don't know for sure.  Although the several times I've lived in very small spaces I did actually like it pretty well.  The key to this is to keep the amount of "stuff" in the space minimal.  Right now I like the way it works.   Of course I'm cheating by still having a bunch of stuff in a big house, and I'll be using the bathroom facilities and cooking in and eating in the house, and just plain hanging out there quite a lot too.  In fact my vision is that this will just be a detached bedroom set up, more a matter of laziness on my part than anything else.  But if it seems to work I might go ahead and get rid of my excess stuff "officially." Wish me luck!

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