Friday, August 17, 2012

Reconsidering that whole Catholic thing after one too many "Mary saved me from Zombies" stories

Last year in September, about eleven months ago actually, I declared that I no longer believed in God. I followed that up rather quickly with a declaration that I was going to convert to Catholicism. I did that and entered into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church last Easter.

At first I was concerned over a few things like Mary and the Saints. It seemed that Catholics treated Mary as a Goddess almost on a par with the Trinity and the Saints as more minor gods. I found out that this is not really the teaching though. They emphasize the "Communion of Saints" which is said to include everyone, all of the Christians in heaven and those still on earth. The idea is that in the same way that you ask your pastor or a friend in church to pray for you when you have a need you can ask those in heaven to pray as well. I thought that sounded pretty reasonable.

But now, I'm reconsidering that whole Catholic thing after one to many "Mary saved me from Zombies" stories. I really want to go to church and worship with my family and they are not ever going to be on board with the Catholics I don't think, especially since I'm not all that sold on them myself. So I'm doing that "Church Shopping" thing I hate so much, looking for non-Sunday services we might all go to and enjoy together. I'll keep y'all posted as to the outcome. I'm prayerfully considering a couple of options, one in Turlock called the New Life Christian Center and the Seventh Day Adventists here in Ceres, though the Adventists have nearly as much strange baggage as the Papists in my opinion.  Heh, I said Papist.

I'm also bringing back my blog posting, I like the control I have over the posts, the ability to edit them after the fact if I screw up especially :-) So, I'll be posting here a lot more and putting links to what I write on Facebook, then, if you so desire, you can click on that link and read my full posts. Or not as the case may be.

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