Thursday, March 8, 2012

America is Dead

Drug testing, background checks, searches and seizures everywhere and anytime. Extra-judicial execution of citizens on the word of the President with no appeal possible. Religious freedom mocked by the press and government alike.

America died long ago but now the corpse is really starting to stink, bad. I hate America. I loved the free republic it once was but this vile murderous empire it has become, I hate.

Of course I recognize I am powerless to change it. Only armed revolt could turn back this tide of putrid totalitarian oppression. But the chances of that just making things worse are nearly 100%. Voting is pointless, the Supreme Court and the entrenched bureaucracy rules this empire, along with a congress with guaranteed seats 99% of the time and Emperors (presidents) Appointed by the rich and powerful. It's very depressing and sad. Especially watching as people struggle to fight it through things like the Tea Party, only to be deceived and subverted by the mainstream rulers or marginalized into irrelevance by powerful media conglomerates that still control what most people know. Also sad was the still-born Occupy movement that tried the same thing from the left. No, the movement never caught on at all. Both want similar things but both suffered under the delusion that most subjects of the empire want to be free. Turns out they don't actually want that. Freedom was killed by many things but public schools are one of the primary perpetrators of its murder.

What brings on this lament you ask? Being forced to piss in a cup for my corporate owners and forced to submit to a background check to keep a job I've had twenty years because "everybody has to do it" these days.

I hate America, and don't anybody even try telling me it's better than anywhere else because I don't care about anywhere else. I was born in what seemed to be a republic, though I suppose that was merely an illusion, but now I live in a hateful anti-life and anti-freedom global empire run exclusively for the benefit and entertainment of the Bankster Class and their friends.

I pray that America collapses in impotent bankruptcy very soon because the longer it last the worse its fall will be.

America, land of the complacent slaves, proof that rule by the mob, democracy, is a stupid idea.

Larry Devich
I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.
Philippians 4:11b

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