Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Having babies

I'm sitting right now with my daughter Lora in the Kaiser Hospital Labor and Delivery in Walnut Creek. JD is here as well, of course. It looks like we will be done in few hours. I'm playing hooky from work this morning, with the blessings of the HOA Board, good people :-)

I've been ignoring writing in my blog for a while but this whole baby delivery thing is pretty interesting. For some, like the wife of a co-worker I spoke to yesterday, have very little difficulty. When his son was born his wife was in labor for three hours and was able to go home the same day. Not so quick and easy with Lora though, with the minor complications she's had it really makes you grateful for modern western medicine. I think Lora is especially grateful for the pain killers right now :-)

Looking at the difficulty human women have successfully giving birth makes it pretty obvious that the system is a kludged together evolutionary system of stuff that works just good enough, which is all it takes to survive after all. It sure doesn't look like a design a rational person would use :-). I hope to post some baby pictures later on today.

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