Monday, April 4, 2011


For 3 months I was on a strict vegan diet. With only a couple of minor deviations I consumed no animal products at all. This was a choice based on my belief that factory farms are cruel and immoral places. A second consideration was health. I thought perhaps a vegan diet would be healthier and maybe result in weight loss. After all, have you ever seen a fat vegan? (only when I look in the mirror!)

I still know factory farms are awful places, but the health side I've reconsidered. I noticed a couple of months into my strictest vegan eating that I was feeling weak. Really! When I added in more cheese and meat I felt better. So, to prove how erratic, inconstant, fickle and perhaps just plain unstable I am I'm going to go back to what I call the Un-Vegan diet. Low carb high fat and high protein. Here is why, I've tried the balanced meal food pyramid moderate eating that is supposed to be good for you. I've done absurd amounts of exercise at the same time to try and burn more calories than I took in. My weight didn't budge. I ate vegan for months and lost zilch. In the past I went on a very low fat diet and barely lost any weight. But when I was at 220 pounds and went on a low carb diet I lost over 25 pounds and it stayed off! So I'm going back to what worked for ME, sorry animals but you're on your own. It is more blessed to ask forgiveness than permission.
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