Monday, March 21, 2011

The lack of words here

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging much of late.  I don't know why that is, it wasn't a conscious decision of mine to stop writing actually.  I did make an effort over the last few weeks to reduce the amount of time I spend browsing the web and reading the news, this seems to result in fewer posts here.  I also had my camera die a while back and I decided not to fix it because I've found that when I'm taking pictures I'm not really in the moment, I'm in the future imagining what the shots will look like instead of just being IN the shot and in the moment.  I've been enjoying things more this way to tell the truth, I see more with my eyes than I do through the lens.  Frequently I see things in photos I didn't notice at the time that I am sure I would have seen if I wasn't peering through the camera.  :-)


Last Thursday, the last day of nice weather before the current spate of nasty weather hit us, I went hiking in the Morgan Territory above the valley in the hills north of Mt. Diablo.  I saw two coyotes from about 50 yards away and enjoyed the cool sunshine and thousands of birds as I slogged through the muddy trails.

Yesterday was Serenity's 10th birthday, we went to "Boomers" in Livermore for the party and the kids, and Lora and JD, had a good time.  Me, after the cake and pizza, I went home for a nice Sunday afternoon nap :-)

This coming Sunday Serenity and I will be heading south to the Mojave Desert to camp out with a bunch of other homeschoolers in Joshua Tree National Park.  I'm really looking forward to that :-)

There, I'm all updated now :-)

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