Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More on closing parks

Well, it looks like a consensus is forming in California, we are going to ignore those closed signs on the parks :-)

From the SF Gate:

The question on everyone's mind seems to be, "How do you close a beach?" One imagines giant tractors hauling away the sand, or armed guards standing sentry at the shoreline. I'll admit I've entertained visions of Schwarzenegger himself stomping on toddlers' sandcastles.

The reality is far less dramatic. "There will be nobody to clean the restrooms and haul away the trash," Stearns says. "Parking lots may be barricaded." But people will still be able to walk in and out of the parks, just as they've always done.

Even if there's no toilet paper in the restrooms, I daresay beachgoers will find their way to the dunes. Northern California is uniquely equipped to maintain its gnarly vibe despite the loss of funding. After all, this isn't Malibu. On Bay Area beaches, lifeguards are as scarce as the sun. As for maintenance, those who've never bothered to volunteer at the soup kitchen may prove a bit more proactive when they see litter piling up on their beaches and graffiti gracing their seawalls.

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