Sunday, November 13, 2016

Following Jesus

I am going to go to a Friends (Quaker) Meeting tonight.  I'm going because over the last couple of weeks I have finally admitted to myself that there is more wrong with Catholicism than just the "War" issue.  In addition to that there is the issue of acceptance of people who are not in the mainstream sexually, gay and transgendered etc.  I've tried very hard to just go along with the church on these issues "because the bible says so" but I really can't do that any longer.  The bible says a lot of strange and untrue things I ignore or reject outright.  The bible says the earth is flat with a solid dome over the top, but it's not and there is no dome.  But that's OK because we know not to take the words literally and out of the cultural context.
 I think the same can be done with many other things in the bible like stoning adulterers and homosexuals.  Obviously these things were superseded by the law of Love that Christ proclaimed.  The myriad rules and laws promulgated by the Catholic Church are intended to guide people along the path of Love, but I think they just make a bunch of list checkers out of Catholics. 

Other Christian churches have much the same issue for me, even those that proclaim you are "saved" by grace alone.  Right now I am in a moment of transition within my mind and spirit, all I know for sure is that God is Love.  I know that I have experienced directly that love in my life in ways that I cannot deny.  I also know that a God of Love probably is not less tolerant of annoying children than I am!  I'm not really buying the imagery of "hell" as it is normally presented.  Don't ask me to explain what I believe right now because, like I said, I'm in transition, moving away from things that are clearly error and following Jesus on the path of nonviolent Love.  We will see where I wind up.  I'll keep you posted.

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